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how to determine your cross bar size

Step 1.

Locate your cargo mounting holes. Most trucks will have them close behind the cab. See photo below. If you do not have holes choose the HANGER option at check out.


If you have utility track along the side rails you can use our OEM Utility Track Adapter. These fit most all tracks on the market. Here's how to measure.

You can also drill holes to accept any of our rack systems. Contact us at for help finding a solution that fits your vehicle. 

Step 2.

Measure from one side of the bed to the other right at the mounting hole location, see photo.

For Utility Track AdaptersClick Here for measuring instructions.

Step 3.

Record your measurement and determine which bar fits your truck according to the fit chart below:

Size Chart rev2.jpg

Cut to size 60" max length

Step 4.

Choose A-G during purchase

NOTE:  if you order a little too long it's OK, you can cut off some length on the non adjusting end. Lowes and other hardware stores can do this for you in the pipe department.

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