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  • What tire sizes work with the RIDE88 QR3 rack?

    • The QR3 racks fit all tires widths from under 1” up to 5” wide.

    • Fits wheels from 24”-29ers

    • Fits BMX wheels with simple adapter sold separately.

  • Can bikes go in backwards?

    • Yes most bikes work great installed backwards however some small BMX bikes may not.​

  • What is utility track?

    • Utility ​tracks is a rail system installed in some trucks such as Toyota,Nissan, Dodge etc. These rails are a track system for installing tie down cleats and other accessories for your truck bed. This is shown in the Installation Options Video.

  • How far back will my bike be from the cab?

    • See illustrated offset specifications in the images below.

  • How high should I mount the rack off the truck bed floor?

    • 15"-21" from the truck bed floor to the center of where the rack clamp on to the bar is a good range. 16.5" Is about ideal. If the mounting goes lower the rack will lift off the bed floor when installing some wheel sizes. That is an acceptable function of the rack.

  • Do the racks work with bed covers?

    • Yes, and the rack folds down out of the way. We suggest soft roll up covers, or for folding covers and bulkier roll ups the racks need to move back from the cab a few inches. Options are shown in this quick video: Installation Options

  • Will the rack work with fenders?

    • Some fenders extend too far to work with our compression arm. The upper arm that presses against the tire is not intended to press against fenders. If you are not sure if it will work with your bike please contact us and we will help you determine if it will fit or not.

custom solutions:

If we do not have a solution for your vehicle please contact us at:

We are working on new ideas for people all over the USA. We have welded and built several solutions that have not been posted. Best of all we do the design work for FREE. We feel that once we make a new bracket or solution, we will be able to then pass it to our next customer so its a win win!  Just send us as many shots of your truck bed as you feel describes your situation. We will quickly reply and start working with you on it right away. We can't solve them all but we sure like a challenge. We love our customers and their amazing support for our exciting new project, RIDE88.


Come join us.

check out a few examples of solutions we have already created

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