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QR3 racks for Cybertruck are custom made to fit perfectly. The system installs easily using Tesla's track system that is already in your truck bed.  No drilling required. The appearance is clean and custom.

RIDE88 was an early adopter of the EV truck wave. Our Rivian kit was popular with forums and Youtube right off the bat.  Due to the design of our Utrack attachment the QR3 rack integrates seamless and looks like part of the truck design itself. The black powder coat finish blends right in with the bed lining.

We built this system for our own bikes to protect them, to add style to our trucks and to be extremely durable. Construction is bomb proof with 1/16" thick steel tubing, 1/8" thick support bars and proper welded joints. This system is strong and versatile.  The Patented QR3 can easily add on racks later due to the modular design.


The QR3 rack allows you to lower the arms so your electric cover can glide right over the top when racks are not in use. Lowering the compression arm is simple as can be, you just pull to release the integrated indexing pin and lower the arm. When you are ready to go ride again, just lift the rack arm and the spring loaded indexing pin snaps back into position.

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