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forD maverick

The RIDE88 QR3 Rack fits perfectly in Ford Maverick truck beds. Read on for information about the best rack model and accessories for your Ford Maverick Truck.

ford maverick ALL YEARs

This kit fits all Ford Maverick Truck beds equipped with

Utility side rails. Don't have these? You have options, scroll down for more info.

We built this system for our own bikes to protect them, to add style to our trucks and to be extremely durable. Construction is bomb proof with 1/16" thick steel tubing, 1/8" thick support bars and proper welded joints. This system is strong and versatile.  The rugged black powder coat finish looks great with bed liner coatings.

Ford Maverick 5.jpeg
Ford Maverick 3.jpeg

no utility track?

Utility track is the best no drilling option for the Maverick truck bed. The DIY solution is a nice and affordable option for this model. We have provided the links above to help you make a good decision. Ride88 also sells black Utrack that will mount to this location with a nicer appearance. Once we have an official Maverick Utrack Kit for sale, we will post it here. For now feel free to shop our Utrack here: Utrack

bed cover?
no problem

The QR3 Rack system was design with tonneau covers in mind. You can quickly drop the compression arms down by pulling the spring loaded indexing pin. Then when you need your rack again just lift the arms and they snap back into place.

Tiedown Anchor zoom.jpg

heavy bikes?

We offer accessories to help you carry bikes that exceed our suggested WEIGHT GUIDE.

Shop these products to to learn more about how they can help when your bike set up includes one or more bikes such as  ebikes that exceed the suggested weight of the standard rack.

Crossbar Accessories


fat tires

No modification required. All QR3 bike racks can accommodate a full range of wheel widths from the skinniest skinny up to 5" wide fat tires. 24"-29" wheels all work.

20" BMX wheels require an adapter.

Fat Tire Bike Rack
Premium Bar Lock 2.jpg

lock down

Add locks to help protect against theft. Our locks are custom designed for our rack systems so a perfect fit can be ensured. Note that we sell a specific lock for the Cross Bar as well as each rack needs a rack specific lock. Find them all right here:


add more racks

More QR3 racks can be added on later if you need more units. Just buy a single rack and mount it up on the go!

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