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12 Perfect Gifts for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

1. Bags and Backpacks

For many bicycle enthusiasts, a bag or a rucksack is often essential. A biker will sometimes need to carry essentials from first aid kits to repair kits to camping gear. Thinking in the line of bags is a great way to find the right gifts for bicycle enthusiasts.

People may have strong preferences about what type of bags they like. It helps to focus on the features that every bicycle enthusiast will care about if you want them to appreciate your gift.

At the basic, think about getting them a spacious, waterproof, and lightweight bag. It's also important that they can detach the bag from their bike. Focusing on these features will ensure you pick a truly functional bike bag.

Bags can be exceptional bike gifts, especially because you have many options. From panniers to saddle bar bags to handlebar bags to rack trunk bags, the options are endless.

Make your bag bike gift extra special by opting for the best quality bike bags. Select bags from reliable brands that can assure you of quality. It's best to spend more on a bag than buy something that won't last a few months.

2. Heart Rate Monitor Armband

A heart rate monitor band can be a special gift, especially for bicycle enthusiasts who care about their health and fitness. There's no better way to show you care than helping your loved one keep tabs on their most vital organs.

A heart rate monitor is one accessory many bicycle fans may not find necessary. Yet, it's the most important tool for bikers to track their fitness. A constant computation of data about their health can give them a reality check about their fitness.

As a bike gift, a heart monitor is thoughtful to show your recipient your care about their safety. A good monitor will show them whether they are working out excessively or inadequately. They can tell whether to continue working out, rest or stop.

The best gift for a bicycle enthusiast is that which helps them enhance their fitness. A heart monitor will help your gift recipient know whether they are improving. By monitoring their heart recovery rate, they can determine when to adjust their regimen.

Consider buying the best heart rate monitors as bike gifts for your loved one. Chest wrap heart monitors can be a great option, especially for measuring the heart recovery rate. Well-rounded monitors will also support Bluetooth and ANT to ease connectivity.

3. Bike Repairing Toolkit

When your biking friend is out in the wild, they must prepare for a puncture, a broken chain, or a loose bolt. It's always a must they have a well-equipped repairing toolkit in their bag whenever on a ride.

A repairing toolkit will help your friend to keep their bike running well. They can repair their bike when it breaks down or adjust it for optimal performance. It can also help to make their bike feel more comfortable and secure.

Gifting out a bike repairing toolkit is a sure way to keep them remembering your gesture. It's a gift that will come in handy for them on many rides.

Even if your friend has a complete toolkit, they'll always want to renew it. Some of the bike repair tools will wear out and a replacement in hand can be very useful.

A bicycle enthusiasts' tool kit comprises several tools. And it's not always you will find them with these tools. A repairing toolkit can thus be a gift of time.

Some bike tool set brands to consider as gifts for bicycle enthusiasts include Lumintrail, Bike Hand Pro, and Park Tool Advanced. These toolkits might be a little expensive, but they are superior to many versions on the market. They also include all the essentials and specialty tools to make repairs simple and efficient.

4. Bike Racks

Bike racks have proven beneficial in our communities as a community of cyclists grows. There are tons of practical bike racks for many setups, including schools and homes.

But if you're looking for a gift for mountain bike enthusiasts, it may not hit you to consider bike racks. Yet, the right bike track can improve the quality of a mountain biker's life.

First, every mountain bike enthusiast will want to carry their bike to explore different trails. If you could find a rack installable on their truck beds, it would be one of a kind gift for them.

Yet, you'll not always find an effective bike truck for truck beds. Many bikers use a tailgate pad to transport their bikes which isn't always safe for your bike or truck. One practical truck rack in the market right now is the Ride88 Bike Rack.

The Ride88 bike rack is custom-made for on-the-go mountain bike enthusiasts. They can easily install it in their truck beds and get on the move within a few minutes.

You'll want a simple, easy to use, durable rack to impress your recipient. The Ride88 bike rack meets all these qualities, and you can count on it to be a valuable gift.

5. A Portable Solar Power Bank

Most bicycle enthusiasts like to carry a power bank when riding. But a power bank like your phone can go out of charge and become useless when you're out.

Portable solar chargers are an innovative alternative to many power banks. As a user, you can recharge the batteries with sunlight makes them more convenient.

You can imagine when a rider is out there in the middle of nowhere and their phone is out of power. It can be frustrating if their power bank isn't reliable.

Solar rechargeable power banks can always be counted on for immediate power as long as there's some sunlight. They're invaluable for outdoor enthusiasts who often may not be able to access power.

When you opt for a solar power bank as a gift for a bicycle enthusiast, you'll want to make a lasting impression. This will often mean you need to focus on overall product quality.

The most important factors to consider in a solar power back will be battery capacity, portability, and device compatibility. The best range of bank battery capacity is usually in the range of 10000-20000mAh. Larger battery capacities tend to have a more optimized output.

When it comes to portability, you may want to buy something they can hang on their bag. Quality power banks will allow hands-free recharging on the go, something every cyclist will like.

Since it's a gift, you may not be able to know whether the charger is compatible with the recipient's device. Choose a device with universal charging compatibility to ensure it's a fit for the recipient

6. Bone Conduction Headphones

Many cycling enthusiasts enjoy riding while listening to music. Experts say music can make cyclists happier, faster, and harder.

Yet, listening to music isn't always safe when riding. A rider with their music blaring high may not be able to hear what's going on behind them.

If you're a cyclist, you may have heard about some rules for listening to music on a ride. Mountain bike riders may use one earbud or mount speakers on their bike bars to stay aware of their environment.

Bone conduction headphones are a safe and convenient option for listening to music on a ride. These headphones will ensure you're listening to music without isolating external sounds.

Safety is important for mountain bike enthusiasts. And it's why the best bone conduction headphones are great gifts. You'll help the recipient enjoy their rides while ensuring safety throughout.

One of the best bone conduction headphones right now is the Aftershokz. Its price tag may be a little high, but it offers some of the trendiest features you wish for a mountain biker.

Aftershokzs are also cute in design. Plus, they're lightweight, dust, and water-resistant features every mountain biker will rank. These headphones will also offer a playtime of up to 8 hours before you can think about recharging.

7. Insulated Water Bottles

It's impossible to think about gifts for bicycle enthusiasts without considering insulated water bottles. Insulated water bottles have been a popular gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts.

An insulated water bottle remains popular because it can protect the environment. Many motorbike riders will prefer using a reusable water bottle to a plastic one.

Water is essential during long bike rides. Many cyclists will want to refresh and cool down their bodies after a long ride. Plus, research shows modest dehydration can impair performance even during short exercises.

An insulated water bottle gift for a bike gift is as invaluable as their mountain bike. This is a gift that could go a long way to preventing loss of life. Lack of water during intense exercise may lead to heat strokes and circulatory collapse.

An insulated water bottle is thoughtful for the recipient can use during hot and cold seasons. On freezing days, they can warm their bodies with a hot beverage. And on hot days, they can refresh with an icy drink or cold fluids.

If looking for water bottles for bike enthusiasts, choose double-wall insulated steel water bottles. Double-walled bottles include foam insulation to prevent heat loss and absorption. This helps keep your drink cold or warm for twice longer than other bottles.

Other factors to consider in a bottle include capacity, design, and safety. Your water bottle choice should last the user at least the whole day. It should be made of BPA-free materials and be easy to use.

8. Powerful Rechargeable Headlights

Another caring gesture for a mountain bike rider is a powerful rechargeable headlight. This is a gift they may appreciate, especially if they're super passionate about cycling.

Passionate mountain bikers will often find themselves in rough and dark terrains. It's much easier and safer to transverse any mountain terrain if armed with a reliable spotlight.

Old school headlights would not deliver to a mountain biker's expectation. Optimal illumination is necessary for enjoying the ride and countering the tough spots in the dark. It's also a tool to ensure a biking enthusiast is safe around fellow bikers.

A good rechargeable headlight comes with built-in powerful rechargeable batteries. The best ones can deliver a max output of 8000 lumens and last 15 hours. This allows the biker to ride through the night while seeing wider and farthest.

The best headlights are detachable from the bike, which allows multifunctional use. When you rack your bike on the trunk, you can put your flashlight in the car to use it as an emergency light. Your recipient can use it for night activities, dog walking, hiking, power outages, etc.

9. A Mountain Bike

You don't have to rack your brain thinking about the perfect gift for cycling enthusiasts. If your loved one is a mountain biker, the perfect gift is easily a mountain bike.

There are many categories of mountain bikes, and each has its purpose. If you choose a bike that will suit their needs, it will be a great gift.

Some of the common mountain bikes you can consider:

  • All-mountain or Enduro mountain bikes: These bikes can withstand all kinds of terrains and slippery hills.

  • Cross country mountain bikes: If your recipient likes long rides, then these types of mountain bikes will be a fit. They are usually lightweight to allow for higher speeds and efficiency.

  • Trail bike: This is the most common type of mountain bike. It's practical and ideal for all kinds of terrains.

  • Downhill mountain bike: if your recipient likes riding on steep slopes, this is their type of mountain bike. This is a specialty mountain bike for riding downhill.

Of course, you'd probably think they already own a good bike. See this as an opportunity to get them a befitting gift. Whether it's an upgrade or a bike like their own, they're likely to appreciate it.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Bicycle Enthusiasts

There are too many gift ideas for bicycle enthusiasts and you may get stuck if you start choosing. Our list helps you narrow your focus to meaningful and memorable bike gifts.

Choosing the perfect gift for bicycle enthusiasts is to consider something unique and useful to their riding life. You want to make them feel special and improve their biking experience.

We hope our guide will help you make the best choice for your recipient. If you're still unsure what to choose, why not try the Ride88 Bike Rack. Check out our shop to find some of the best choices.

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