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Creating the Ultimate Bike Rack (and More)

 It all began with a new bike, a new truck, and a frustrating search trying to find a truck bed bike rack that could transport our mountain bikes securely without the hassle of always removing the front wheels, needing cumbersome tie-downs, or loading in a way that would damage the bike paint and forks or the truck (such as using a tailgate pad).  From our original homemade design, to the Rev 2, we finally developed the patented QR3 (Quick Release 3)

A bike loaded in a Ride88 Bike rack installed in a truck bed

While the basic design of the QR3 remains the same, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our design, how to get our racks into EVERY make of truck, including the Rivian, Honda Ridgeline, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and all the old classics.  Since we are still a small, family owned company, we are able to converse directly with our customers, and if we don’t have what you need, we look to find a solution.  This is why our racks have been adapted to work in vans, trailers and with decked systems. And we are constantly working to find the next solution.

We’ve also developed a number of accessories intended to make your ride even easier, such as the Tailgate Boss, built to stop that annoying bounce, or the Cinch Rack/Plus1 for that occasional extra bike.

One of our most recent products is our new Limited Edition racks.  This is a first in the industry. All of our products are sleek as well as functional, but these racks have that extra flare for the rider who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The New Ride88 Limited Edition Bike Racks

As bicycle and truck enthusiasts, our goal is to develop new ideas that add value and solve problems we deal with every day. We are artistic and creative people who like to add a large dose of style to well-engineered and heavily tested products. We have many more projects in the wings and are constantly developing and testing new ideas. Keep an eye on where we are heading and if you think of it on the trails, please spread the word that RIDE88 is a small company making a big statement in the world of truck bed bike rack systems and more.


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