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production update

It's been a busy 2018 and we are looking forward to the adventure 2019 will bring! In this post I am going to share the latest progress and images of the QR3 racks as they stand today. I will also share a calendar which will start giving you a better visual on what to expect as things move forward.

Below I am showing you the first assembled and welded system using production tooling and welding. This is in it's non painted state. We will be seeing the powder coated finished samples in about a week.

1st QR3 Test Sample in Raw Metal

In this video you can see the welding machine in action and some other clips of pre-production development.

Here are photos showing individual components right off the welding rig.

Lower Wheel Chock

Upper Compression Arm

QR3 Partial Assemly

Functional QR3 Assembly Test

What's Left to Do?

Because this design is completely original, there are many things being developed for the first time ever. All of the components require custom tooling and have already undergone refinement to allow smooth function. In this process it is necessary to take enough time to get it right! The calendar below will help everyone see what's left to do and when we expect things to happen.

Production can be a moving target. We are shooting for an April 2019 arrival assuming everything moves along without delay. This time line will be updated as production progresses. RIDE88 will always keep you informed of new updates and progress reports.

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