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production update-2

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Looking at the timeline, you will see production has been approved to proceed with the factory! We received two sample racks and have been testing them for about two weeks for anything that may need improvement. A few adjustments were needed to get the wheels sizes to fit a little better. Those adjustments were made which took about 1 week. Now we are back on track but that will push out the timeline by about 2 weeks. This is very normal when making 1st production of a new product. Also we have decided to produce the decals in the USA and provide them to the factory because we were not satisfied with the factory's decal material.

We took some photos of the pre production samples to share with you in this progress report. The racks are looking amazing and are of very sturdy construction. They feel durable and their function is smoother than anything we've built so far. We can not wait to get them to you, our first customers of the QR3 system. We hope you are blown away!

Standard Cross Bar set up


Ford Custom Mounts shown. (in testing)

New Universal Cross Bar shown here (in development)

What's Left to Do?

Because this design is completely original, there are many things being developed for the first time ever. All of the components require custom tooling and have already undergone refinement to allow smooth function. In this process it is necessary to take enough time to get it right! The calendar below will help everyone see what's left to do and when we expect things to happen.

The factory has advised a new shipping date after adjustments and production approval. You can see the adjustments in the time line above. We will see a May 2019 arrival based on this update. This time line will be updated as production progresses. RIDE88 will always keep you informed of new updates and progress reports.

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