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production update-3

Just a quick update on production progress to keep everyone informed and as involved as we can. As of today we are well in the middle of mass production. All systems are moving along on time. We have been hard at work solving minor issues and facilitating factory questions everyday. This is what we wake up and go to sleep thinking about to ensure no details are missed.

You can see some images here of production underway and parts are stacking up! We will be going to the factory in April to ensure all the packing and assembly has been properly executed. We will be looking for any details that need final attention. If all goes well production ships by ocean mid April to arrive by mid May. We will continue to keep you posted.

Thank you once again for your support and trust in our product, we think you will be very happy with this original, one of a kind product. Tell your friends to check us out, we need a community to make this happen. We look forward to seeing pictures from you using your racks systems that we can share on our site!

We are still expecting a mid May 2019 arriva. The factory continues to report good progress without any production delays. This time line will be updated as production progresses. RIDE88 will always keep you informed of new updates and progress reports.

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