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production update-4

Hello, we are back from Taiwan with good news! Your RIDE88 racks are being packed into boxes and will be ready to leave Taiwan on April 11th. Before we left the factory we were able to observe 75% of the product already packed and stacked on pallets. We also observed production in progress and took a lot of time testing function to make sure everything will be functioning properly and smooth for you.

At this point we will be at the mercy of the ship and sea port in USA. The products will arrive at port in Seattle. Next everything will have to clear customs and be delivered by truck to RIDE88 in Meridian, Idaho. All the logistics surrounding this process have been arranged. We are ready to go when the racks arrive and will begin shipping all our pre-orders out immediately. We know you have waited a long time, the wait is almost over, thank you!!!

Please share about us on your favorite social media. We need to promote and our customers say it best! Here are some pictures from Taiwan below.

Here is the beginning of the double rack boxes being staged for shipment.

The RIDE88 development and manufacturing team.

Taiwan is the "mecca" for bicycle manufacturing and has played a large role in the mountain bike boom and all types of bicycle manufacturing. It came as no surprise to see this scene just outside our hotel room. It is good to see the people of Taiwan, known for recreational bicycle manufacturing, have developed a culture of end users as well. We are certain we are making our product in the right country with the right partners!

Having some fun in Taiwan

We are still expecting a mid May 2019 arrival with an ETA of May 15th. The factory is committed to staying on time. We will keep you updated.

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