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A Ride88 Customer's perspective- by Shane L

Electric Vehicles are the future, whether they be automotive or cycling. Rivian is the world’s first electric truck on the market. It’s green, high tech, and made for adventure. Likewise, e-bikes are all the rage right now. Their growth has been led by baby boomers but now many, of all ages, realize just how fun they are to ride. The e-bike allows riders to find the perfect balance between the electric bike’s assistance and the invigorating workout of the trail. The combination of these vehicles together is unbeatable. In fact, Motortrend magazine calls the e-bike/Rivian combo “the perfect electric vehicle pair.”

What is it that makes this pairing so special? Well, first off, they just look cool together!

Secondly, when paired with the Ride88 bike rack for trucks one can use all of the unique features of the Rivian ecosystem: built-in air compressor to adjust tire pressure, power outlets in the bed to charge your bikes and Rivian’s Gear Guard camera and braided-steel cable security system.

​​"Ride88​, ​​Simply the best!​ "

​​After I first picked up our Rivian, I started looking for the best way to transport the new e-bikes we were looking to get. Rivian has some options of their own. There are also many third-party types.

​Rivian has a trailer hitch, so hitch mounted systems immediately came to mind, especially with such a short bed (4.5 ft.). E-bikes are generally heavy so a pretty stout hitch mount would be needed. This type limits access to the bed and makes backing up a little tricky.

​Rivian also has cool looking Cargo Crossbars that seemed intriguing. They can be mounted on the rooftop or across the bed. And with Yakima’s add-on bike holder device that Rivian sells in their Gear Shop, this looked like the way to go. That is, until I watched a YouTube video with a guy loading heavy e-bikes onto his Rivian’s panoramic glass rooftop. Nope!

​Tailgate bike pads look pretty good for simplicity, but with Rivian’s tailgate design they are tough. I bought a third party brand and used it once. Rivian has just started making their own, but honestly, lifting a 50+ pound e-bike up and over the tailgate without scratching the truck isn’t easy or fun!

​Finally, I happened upon the Ride88 system. And without question this was the best solution for us. The U-track attachment for the QR3 rack was simple as can be to attach to front of the bed. It honestly looks like it’s OEM. It blends in so smoothly that when I pull out the QR3 racks, I forget that it’s not part of the trucks original design.

​I guess the thing I like the most is how simple it is to get my e-bikes in and out of our truck. I simply lock the back brake, pull the handles back to pop a wheelie and set the front wheel onto the tailgate. I lift the back of the bike up while driving the front right into the QR3 rack. One quick flick of the handle and it’s locked in and ready to go. I love it!​


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Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis
Nov 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very cool! Here's to many more adventures!

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