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The Benefits of Buying an E-Bike

Around 42% of households around the world own at least one bicycle, which equates to more than 580 million bikes worldwide. But bicycles now come in all shapes and sizes, such as the e-bike, which continues to increase in popularity. If you are considering buying a new bike, you should consider buying an e-bike.

So, what is an e-bike? An e-bike runs on electricity as well as pedaling. There are different types of e-bikes, but usually, they have batteries that you need to charge.

Some people worry that the e-bike will take over traditional cycling, but it complements cycling instead. It is a form of technology that offers many benefits. Read on to learn what benefits you will get if you purchase an e-bike.

1. Enhance Your Fitness

Buying an e-bike helps improve your fitness. Studies have found that e-bikes still improve aerobic fitness levels but with less effort. For example, one study found that e-bike riders' hearts were working over 90% of the level of non-assisted bikes, including mountain bikes.

You can still get the physical benefits of cycling, such as building your muscles, reducing body fat levels, and strengthening your cardiovascular system, but without tiring yourself out on the bike. You will still have the energy to focus on other aspects of your life, including work commitments and other exercises.

2. Ride Faster

One of the top benefits of buying an e-bike is that you can increase your pace. There is quicker acceleration and the ability to tackle obstacles.

Cycling can be a communal sport if you go on rides with friends, so an e-bike makes social rides accessible to more people. Keep up with friends and ride with your family without frustration or feelings of guilt when speeds are different.

In general, e-bikes ride faster. There are different types of e-bikes, including:

  • Class 1 e-bike

  • Class 2 e-bike

  • Class 3 e-bike

The type of e-bike you purchase will determine your maximum speed. For example, the Class 3 e-bike has a top-powered speed of around 28 mph. The speed the bike motor cuts out at depends on the country you reside in and the type of e-bike you pick.

3. Tackle Obstacles

Riding uphill is not every cyclist's favorite part of the sport. However, e-bikes make hills and other obstacles easy to manage. If you use the pedal-assist mode, you will have more pedaling power. Or you can purchase an e-bike with a throttle mode, so you can cruise uphill without any effort.

You can expand your route options and ride uninterrupted without worrying about having to push your bike up a hill and delay your workout.

4. Safe Cycling

E-bikes have features that can make riding safer. You can work with your limits and honor your body.

Plus, you can feel more comfortable when you are out. For example, you can accelerate out the way faster and keep up with traffic. However, you still need to follow road safety rules and get adequate insurance coverage for your bike.

5. Less Sweat

Nothing is worse than commuting to work or a social event and arriving in a sweat. The good news is that e-bikes help you keep cool, as you do not have to exert so much effort when riding.

You can use the assisted settings for cruising to your destination without worrying about your end look.

6. Go Further and Explore New Places

Buying an e-bike helps you increase your overall riding range. You can enjoy longer routes with the assistance of an e-bike.

How often you need to charge it depends on the battery and power. The best e-bike can last around 100 miles before a charge. However, there are options for fitting a second battery to extend battery life, too.

Plus, you will be able to tackle new routes, such as those that involve challenging hills and other obstacles you avoided previously. An e-bike can give you peace of mind that you can be more experimental with your riding and get to explore different places.

Exploring different places and gradually increasing your range can help maintain your motivation. You can see faster rewards with an e-bike, which can help you keep up your riding year-round.

7. Gentle on the Body

While cycling is a sport, it is nice to honor your body and not push it to its limit every time you ride, especially if you have any physical health conditions. For example, if you have a heart condition, an e-bike can help keep you exercising without too much strain on the heart.

An e-bike can also be great if you have an injury or another physical issue which means you need to be careful with exercise. There is less muscle and joint strain, especially during acceleration and hills.

8. Perfect for Beginners

If you are new to cycling or have taken a long break, an e-bike is a good option. Around 6% of Americans do not know how to ride a bike, and buying an e-bike is an excellent option to learn when older. You can get advice on the best type of e-bike as a beginner.

You can slowly build your muscle strength and work on your form with an e-bike's assistance. You might decide to stick with an e-bike long-term or purchase a new bike once you feel more confident on your bike.

9. Easy Storage

It can be hard to find the space to store items such as bikes, but one of the benefits of buying an e-bike is that it is easy to store. Certain types of e-bikes fold away, which is perfect if you are tight on space.

You can easily store it in your home, such as in a closet or under the stairs. The only factor to consider is that e-bikes can be heavier than non-assisted bikes. However, they take up a lot less space than other forms of transportation, such as cars.

10. Cost-Effective

E-bikes are an efficient and cheaper alternative to many other forms of transportation. If you live in a city, buying an e-bike can be one of the most cost-effective decisions you make. Save money on fuel and other transportation costs.

You can also check if there are any tax incentives to encourage you to use e-bikes. You might also receive discounts from the government or your company for using sustainable travel options.

11. Improve Your Mental Well-Being

It is no secret that exercise improves mental health. Exercise such as cycling helps release endorphins and serotonin, which boost your mood. You will also reduce stress, sleep better, and increase your productivity.

However, buying an e-bike increases your chances of experiencing these benefits. It is a more accessible option, so you are more likely to stick to it.

Getting outside in nature can work wonders. Plus, buying an e-bike is a way to meet like-minded individuals. You can join cycling groups to socialize and ride together.

12. E-bikes Are Quiet and Sustainable

E-bikes reduce noise pollution and greenhouse emissions. For shorter journeys, you can ride an e-bike instead of a car. They are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.

There are different types of e-bikes, but in general, they are relatively quiet. It can depend on the motor and the quality of the bike for how loud it is. There might be slightly more noises when you go uphill.

You can focus on relaxing and enjoying your surroundings without noise pollution. If you notice any loud sounds, you can get e-bike maintenance.

13. Versatile Types of E-bikes

The e-bike market continues to grow, expected to be worth over $54 billion by 2027. As technology advances and the e-bike's popularity grows, so do the types of e-bikes. There are various e-bikes to suit different needs, and options are continuously being developed.

You can also get storage options to help you carry objects when traveling. Get an e-bike basket, a rack, or other accessories to keep loads balanced and your ride enjoyable.

14. More Enjoyable

If you want to get outdoors and cycle, buying an e-bike can be more enjoyable. You do not have to feel frustrated by your fitness level and can instead use as much assistance as you feel you need on the day. Some days you might want a physical workout, whereas other times, you may want to cruise to your destination without breaking a sweat.

Respect your body, inner child, and mental well-being by investing in an e-bike. You can use it for multiple functions, but all can be fun and help you fall in love with cycling again. Stay confident and safe, and enjoy the ride.

The Many Benefits of Buying an E-bike

There are many benefits of buying an e-bike. It does not matter whether you are new to cycling, want to mix things up, or are returning after a break. There are a variety of e-bikes out there to find the best e-bike for you. Pick a reputable provider and research your options before deciding to purchase an e-bike.

Also, be sure to pick the right accessories for your ride. RIDE88 is here to help with truck bed bike racks and other accessories. Check out our store to accessorize your e-bike.

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