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Secure Truck Bike Racks

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Loading up bikes with confidence is critical to peace of mind. You gotta find a rack that's compatible with your specific truck. Let's face it, if your bikes are wobbling around in a rack system, you will be looking in the rear view mirror all the way to the ride. Our mission at RIDE88 is to offer rack systems that are secure and inspire full confidence. To do that we build them well beyond the required strength for the job. We have also researched hundreds of truck bed designs and found ways to implement a custom installation solution for all kinds of scenarios. We are adding more solutions all the time. The bottom line is that I want products that last and give great satisfaction in use.

I have tried a lot of rack systems for truck bed use. All of them are awkward, wobbly or lack a mechanical way to lock in the wheel quickly. For my truck I wanted a system that looks amazing with the quickest mounting system ever invented. It was a simple solution but finding the design took years of refinement.

It was not a simple task but we believe we have the best solution available. You won't find anything built stronger and more robust to transport any wheel size in one rack system.

The RIDE88 truck bed bike rack gives pickup trucks a sporty look that adds style and let's the world know you take cycling seriously. The integrated look that you can get from the QR3 racks will look like it came custom built for your truck.

We have stayed up with all the latest in E Vehicles as well. Rivian R1T has fast grown to become one of our top models and have adopted RIDE88 as a favorite in the in the EV market.

No matter what truck exists out there, we are working on the best possible rack solution to meet the demands of heavy ebikes, fat tire bicycles, road bicycles and everything in between.

Jerry / RIDE88

Inventor / Owner / Rider

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